Oh, college Place of knowledge But so much more To the real world A mysterious door. Bodies grown up Minds not quite there So much still a riddle, a dare So many things to bear So many things to bare. Adults by law Despite still being raw Having not developed experience’s Tooth and claw Predators […]

Ann Coulter’s Juvenile Mocking of Soccer Shows Just How Far She’s Fallen Ann Coulter, the [in]famous female ultraconservative icon, reveals just how far she’s fallen in this phone-in screed against “socialist” soccer.  Really, Ann?

Let’s Go After the Things That REALLY Violate Students’ Right to a Sound, Basic Education Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown is leading the charge in New York to get rid of teacher tenure…but why do so many people who claim it’s all “for the kids” refuse to go after the unconstitutional things that really hinder a […]

Populist Problems: Do “Rags to Riches” Liberals Like Hillary Have a Shelf Life? Hillary Clinton, likely 2016 presidential candidate, is facing criticism for he wealth and her high-dollar speaking fees.  Is it fair to blast a “rags to riches” populist as a hypocrite for having left the rags behind?  The Democratic Party faces a major […]

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Argues for Allowing Discrimination Against Himself In a strange twist of irony, female and minority politicians are arguing passionately that business owners be allowed to discriminate against them.  Why?

Sexual Agency: What Women Must Seize to Reduce Misogyny Are our sexual norms regarding women expecting to be pursued, rather than being comfortable with mutual courtship or sexual expression, encouraging sexism and misogyny?

How to Prevent Another Massacre? Make it Okay for Boys With Problems to Seek Help Instead of #YesAllWomen or gun control in the wake of the tragedy in Isla Vista, we need to be focusing on whether or not boys and young men who are struggling with mental health maladies feel okay seeking help…or whether […]