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Anonymous Threatens Justice Department…And Justice Itself

According to CNN, the hacking collective Anonymous has sabotaged U.S. government servers and is threatening to release sensitive information gleaned from hacking into the Department of Justice. The move is in retaliation for the suicide of Aaron Swartz, who allegedly killed himself after being prosecuted for hacking. Swartz, 26, was the creator of popular website […]

Sign that America is Doomed: James Franco Named Presidential Inauguration Poet

I don’t like James Franco, the actor who received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 2011 for his role in the movie ” 127 Hours ,” where he portrayed the real-life hiker who severed his own arm with a pocketknife to free himself from a giant fallen boulder. Ironically, Franco himself was co-hosting […]

How to Annoy Me at a Starbucks

I knew it could be bad. It was starting to snow. By text, my sweetheart informed me that she really wanted me to get her a cinnamon dulce latte, grande, from Starbucks. As a high school teacher who still has a few days left until classes begin again, I obligingly pulled on my hipster-appropriate pea […]

U.S. Fiscal Cliff and Syria: Why 2012 Could End Up as the Year of Scorched Earth

It doesn’t look like 2012 will end with any sort of negotiation or compromise in either Syria, according to Time, or the United States, reports the Associated Press. The two high-drama events have held the news cycle captive for most of the year, with the stakes rising as 2013 approaches. In Syria the threat of […]

Preview Why America Needs to Renew the Assault Rifle Ban

After a tragic school shooting in Connecticut the nation took a brief time-out to recalculate its opinions on the current ease of gun ownership. The pro-gun lobby, led by the National Rifle Association, doubled down on its support of widespread gun ownership by creating an initiative to put armed security in every U.S. school. Many […]

Why I Concur with Iowa Supreme Court on Allowing the Firing of “Irresistible” Employee

Fired for being too hot? In Iowa that’s apparently okay, ruled the state supreme court. According to CNN, justices in Iowa agreed that a Fort Dodge dentist was within his rights to fire a longtime dental assistant because he and his wife deemed the woman to be a threat to the dentist’s marriage. Obviously, many […]