Thorns of the Ivy

Oh, college
Place of knowledge
But so much more
To the real world
A mysterious door.

Bodies grown up
Minds not quite there
So much still a riddle, a dare
So many things to bear
So many things to bare.

Adults by law
Despite still being raw
Having not developed experience’s
Tooth and claw
Predators and bad choices wait like bandsaws

We want to jump in
Make it safe
But will we make her a waif?
Need she learn to evade life’s cruel strafe?
When does guiding become coddling?

We want to bring machetes
To the ivy
Slash safe routes
Cut back the politicking
The boorish louts
But are there collateral routs?

Do our babes want us there
With shining lights and prying stare?
Demand things laid bare
While they try to lay things bare
Truth or dare.

Some slip through the ivy
Untouched, stepping lively.
Others feel the sting of thorns
Some small
Others like bulls’ horns
Do they suffer in silence
Or cry out, risk others’ scorn?

Hormones, alcohol, sex, porn
Love, triumph, lessons, mourn
From children to adults we are reborn
Coming through the ivy.

Step lively.

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