Boys vs. Girls: Who is Responsible for Sexualizing the Prom? Outrage has ensued after a 17-year-old girl was kicked out of a prom near Richmond, Virginia, allegedly for wearing a dress that was too short and dancing “too provocatively” and causing boys to have “impure thoughts.”  The blogosphere is abuzz over whether or not it […]

Why the U.S. Needs to Shift Spending From Defense and Higher Education to Infrastructure President Obama wants to create more “shovel-ready” jobs and update America’s aging infrastructure, much of which dates from the New Deal and post-WWII boom.  The long-run effects of updating our national infrastructure now will help all sectors of the economy, while […]

Join Us, Won’t You? Why the Supreme Court is Wrong on Altering the Separation of Church and State The Supreme Court has decided that it is okay to mix church and state as long as there are no formal rewards or sanctions for those who participate or do not participate in the public prayers.  This […]

Why the Controversial Princeton “Check Your Privilege” Op-Ed Isn’t Wrong A white male freshman at Princeton University wrote a controversial op-ed that has gone viral.  He claims that he’s tired of being told to “check his privilege” and is letting critics know that not all white guys have it easy.  Though critics have a point […]

How to Improve Teacher Preparation Programs The Obama administration wants to improve teacher preparation programs.  Here are some real suggestions from a real teacher:

Economics Book Surging to Top of NYT Bestseller List Hints at Growing Public Support for Economic Reform Usually economics books have a hard time garnering readers, but a 700-page tome by French economist Thomas Piketty has suddenly topped the NYT bestseller list.  Does this mean that the public is finally waking up to the dangers […]

What TIME Gets Wrong About College Rankings…And What That Could Hurt Everybody Soon the Obama administration will rank all colleges and universities according to their affordability, accessibility, and graduation rates.  TIME has created an interactive rubric readers can use to create their own college rankings…but makes a big error in guessing how colleges will try […]